Yellowstone National Park –Visit the First National Park in the World

Yellowstone National Park is the popular vacation spot in USA. Initially the Yellowstone National Park was located in Wyoming State in U.S. now, it also extended to Idaho and Montana.  The permission for National Park was granted by President Ulysses and signed by U.S Congress on March 1st 1872. It is the Primary National Park in-the-world.   It is also famous for its geothermal features, wildlife and most importantly for its old realistic Geyser, the most famous features of the park. It has various ecosystems but the dominant one is definitely the subalpine forest.


Yellowstone Abode for Native Americans

Native Americans lived around 11,000 years in the area of Yellowstone.  The area was detoured during Clark and Lewis Expedition in the beginning of 19th century. The U.S Army was held responsible to take care of the park just when it formed.  Later in the year 1917 the administration was transferred to National Park service. You can notice hundreds of structures were built and they are secluded for their historical and architectural importance and also researchers have observed over thousand archaeological sites.

Important Safety Rules at Yellowstone National Park

When you visit Yellowstone National Park you need to follow some important safety rules because the wild animals like bears move freely in the park, because it is major bear territory. When you are going for hiking make loud noise to distract any surprise bear attacks, during night time make sure that you saved your food in secured place as there is plenty of chance that your food get stolen by bears.  Learn more about the safety rules before visiting the park.

Visit Yellowstone and enjoy its wilderness, amazing nature and hot geysers.  Once you appreciate the beauty of Yellowstone you will definitely visit this beautiful place many more time.


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