Yellow: The Chinese Symbol of Greater Nobility

The color yellow¬†has great significance in China. This color symbolizes greater nobility. This is why the roof of the Imperial Palace, the emperor’s clothes, as well as the five stars in China’s flag are yellow.

The royal family used only the imperial color, except for the Buddhist monks for whom the yellow represented nobility and spiritual elevation. This explains why Buddhist temples, statues of Buddha and the monks dress are stained brown.

Yellow has a positive connotation. It is said to bring good energy, as it is related to the sun and gold. It symbolizes the earth, harvest, wealth and heat. The Chinese associated the color with clarity in thinking, hope, nobility, happiness, prosperity and brilliance.

In various aspects of culture, religion or geography, the Yellow River, the yellow earth, the yellow race and the yellow dragon sets the example of this color.

According to the theory of Yin and Yang, yellow is the reflection of the Earth. It is located at the center of the universe and was believed that the unified empire was located at the center of the earth. The small kingdoms of different races were represented by different colors distributed around it: the red in the south, black in the north, green in the east, and white in the west. The yellow then became a symbol of legitimacy and purpose of worship.


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