Wonders of Pungo Andongo: A Masterpiece from Nature

The Black Rocks of Pungo Andongo is evidence that Angola is endowed by nature with lavishing and unique wonders. Situated above the flat African Savanna are exceptional rock formations that incredibly appear in magnificent forms of animals. This stunning attraction can be reached approximately 116 km from the provincial capital of Malanje, Angola.


Mysterious Myth Engraved in Black Rocks of Pungo Andongo

It is mysterious how gigantic rocks were shaped into spectacular forms. Some rocks have around 820 feet high coupled with tribal legend. It is a legend foretold that footprints of the fleeing Queen Ginga Mbandi were left in the stones when Portuguese soldiers disturbed her while bathing in a stream. It is believed that the queen is still living within the village. These days, there are roofed structured on top of these gigantic rocks where travelers can have a bird’s eye view of the beautiful landscape below.

Additional Getaways at Pungo Andongo

Apart from the mystifying beauty of gigantic rocks, Pungo Andongo still has a lot of ideal getaways to offer its visitors. For nature lovers, Lucala River prides its 350 feet high Calandula Falls; at the north is the astounding Milando Animal Reserve and at the south is Luando Game Reserve. Reaching these places require great adventures with long hours of traveling by foot or via a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Great Places…Beautiful People

Members of the Mbundu peoples normally are inhabitants in this region and stock raising is their main source of living. From exotic places that will awe you with wonders to beautiful people that offers a warming environment is equivalent to a travel worth cherishing.

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