Why Hanoi is Also worth Visiting besides Saigon


When most people think of Saigon is more worthy to visit than Hanoi, they may not be aware of Hanoi’s hidden treasures. Stepping in at Hanoi for the first time will give an exotic Asia’s impression. Hanoi hosts rich cultures and heritages as every tourist can witness them through so many historical sites which have ancient architecture. Amazingly, they are all well-preserved, unlike other historical places in most third world countries. This city is also the center of cultural activities that Vietnam really boasts. Dance performances, music, puppetry are only to name a few of art shows which are worth everyone’s time.

Try exploring each corner of Hanoi and its neighborhood. You will be amazed on how the Old Quarter, a city on Hanoi’s neighborhood, can remind you those old movies showing streets maze. This city hosts Communal Houses. They are temples which were manufactured for honoring a god named Bach Ma. Yet, there are still some other temples to explore and it is better to have guidance from travel agents because such unique information may not be available through the World Wide Web.


Nightlife in Hanoi is also worth spending as everyone can choose among theater, opera, water puppetry and other traditional Vietnamese art shows. Those shows usually perform myths and folklores of Vietnamese. Yet, keep in mind that a nightlife is still a nightlife. Bars and restaurants which serve beers and other kinds of liquors are the main attractions in this vibrant city. Try bia-hoi, a local drink which can give excellent sensation.

The same thing applies to main menus in Hanoi in which almost all of them are too tempting to miss. You will be surprised why there are so many restaurants or smaller cafés are always flocked. One of the most recommended menus is pho, a bowl of noodle soup that everyone can enjoy with beef or chickens in forms of slices, along with bean sprouts in fresh taste. Those who prefer spicy culinary adventure will adore fry-up spicy fish, cha ca.


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