Why Christchurch Remains as the Best Destination in New Zealand


Everyone knows New Zealand but not all of them know how beautiful Christchurch is. The charm of this southern city of NZ becomes one of the best destinations among other popular cities in Europe. Located on the Canterbury Plains border, this wonderful place is charming as it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and ranges of hills.

Christchurch is a big city that hosts several important activities from business, education and pleasure. The downtown accommodates the needs of those who want to enjoy the well-equipped shopping districts along with vibrant cafés, restaurants and nightlife. Nobody should miss walking along the downtown to browse around for great stuff for souvenirs. Garden City is what millions of tourists are familiar with when it comes to travel to New Zealand.

Though Christchurch is famous among many tourists with its magnificent Garden City, there still some other places which are worth visiting like The Avon River—with its charming central city topography. Hagley Park is the gem of the Garden City. Containing more than four hundred acres, it hosts tree plantings which are well-managed, walkways with excellent design in passing the river. There are also golf courses and sports fields. Nobody should miss even each corner of the Garden City.

Skiing or whale watching is what adventurers need to witness because they are also the reasons why everyone is visiting Christchurch. There are still some other challenging activities like kayaking, bungee jumping and other activities for those who need to pump their adrenaline. What makes it more amazing is that Christchurch is two-hour away from the international airport of New Zealand. Where on earth that you are going to find challenging outdoor adventures within such close distances from the place you arrive and departure.  Just choose among activities like wind surfing, go rafting, hot-air ballooning, mountain biking and enjoying gardens with one of the most wonderful wineries.

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