Which Country You Should Explore for Your Unforgettable Backpacking?

Previously, backpacking is the term for those nomads who need to find freedom and independence. These days, people who travel to countries for the sake of enjoying the beauty of nature are backpackers. Backpacking is very adventurous because backpackers only bring their backpacks containing their essentials during their journeys. Mostly, they go to places where the nature reveals its maximum beauty.

If you are one of those people who love exploring wonderful forests and capturing the magnificent wildlife activities, then you can just explore some countries which have the best natural resorts.


Everything about Nepal is exotic and the classic culture of Asian is what backpackers can see. Backpackers always love its tropical nature in which they can just choose among several outdoor activities like trekking throughout the countryside. It seems that this country is the only one in Asia, which maintains its strong heritage. Temples of Buddhism and Hindu are scattered in almost every corner of each city. For true backpackers, they will need more than thirty days to explore the whole country.



Bali is not the only place in Indonesia that backpackers can explore. Though it is true that Bali is the main destinations for worldwide tourists when they visit the country, Indonesia still has thousands of unexplored islands for every tourist to conquer. Rain forests and incredible wildlife in Sulawesi is only one example of some worth visiting places in this country. Sumatra is another island that hosts magnificent places like Harau Valley, Lake Toba, Lake Maninjau and so many bays for enjoying wonderful water activities. Beaches are also spreading out throughout the country.



For those who dream to visit Europe without any desire to spend more budget, then Albania as the best option. With lower standard of living, backpackers can enjoy exploring the countries’ beautiful museums and historical places that reveal the grandeur of European empires. Hiking to Mount Dajti is another alternative for more challenging journeys. Albania can also offer warm sunshine on the beautiful Jala or Dhermi Beach.


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