Where to Visit in Cardiff



The Welsh capital has been enjoying a Renaissance in recent years. Cardiff is described as a ‘gem’, and can easily be compared to other exotic destinations such as the Azores in Portugal and Patagonia in Argentina. If you’re planning on adding the city to your personal list of destinations, then here is how to get the most from your visit.

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff is known more for its cultural scene and upbeat nightlife than it is for its history. But Cardiff Castle will give you a sense of the city’s historical development. Built 2000 years ago by the Romans, it has been added to and developed by everybody from William the Conqueror to the Victorians, and now has a fun-packed calendar of events and historical reconstructions suitable for all ages.

The National Museum of Wales

Cardiff’s thriving cultural scene helped win the city its National Geographic accolade. Immerse yourself in Welsh culture at the National Museum of Wales, which has an extensive natural history exhibit as well as visiting works of art that have included pieces by Raphael and Leonardo Da Vinci. Great for both kids and adults, this highly interactive museum houses one of the most comprehensive collections of art in the country.

Cardiff Bay Waterfront

From the historical to the supremely modern – Cardiff Bay is Europe’s largest waterfront development and boasts everything from theme park-style attractions to a plethora of fantastic restaurants. Take a boat trip across the bay to the coastal town of Penarth to escape the hustle and bustle of the inner city.






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