What to See in Brasilia, Brazil



As one of the most admired Brazilian cities, there are a number of interesting sites to see and things to do in Brasilia. From amazing architecture to superb dining, almost everything is interesting in this city. So it is truly worthwhile to visit the famous city for sports and fashion. Some of the places you can discover in Brasilia are listed below.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral can be found opposite the Law Courts, along the central axis. Designed by Niemeyer, the structure is concrete and hyperboloid in shape with extraordinary lighting. It has a glass roofing that seems open and almost reaching the sky.

Square of the Three Towers

Locally called as Praca dos Tras Poderes, this establishment is very close to the premises of the judiciary, legislative, and executive offices. The president’s home, the Congresso Nacional, the Supremo Tribunal Federal are all within reach. Aside from that, the Pantheon of Freedom and the Historical Museum of Brasilia are just close by.

Palacio dos Arcos

Also called by the name Palacio Itamaraty, this building is where you can find the Foreign Ministry. Besides, this is also amongst the greatest achievements of Oscar Niemeyer as it is situated in fine-looking gardens. Architect Burle Marx designed its landscape to provide a grander and a more spectacular view.




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