What to pack in a backpack?

Thinking of travelling light or going on a backpacking trip? The first question that comes to mind after deciding your destination is what to pack. Or more importantly, “What not to pack?”

First rule of backpacking is  to keep it simple and small. You don’t want to carry  most of your wardrobe, or fill it up with gadgets that wont work in the country you are visiting. Cut out the things you think might be important but really aren’t. Instead of filling your backpacks with stuff you will almost never use, fill it up with the most important things that you need to travel!

A pair of Tee shirts or Polo shirts or one each will almost always suffice. A long sleeved shirt will also come in handy. Keep two pairs of trousers, plenty of socks  and underwear. Remember to keep a hat or cap depending on the climate of the region.

ATM and credit cards and some emergency cash along with important documents packed in a zip-lock are universally important. So are  First Aid kits with important medications and washing materials.

Do not pack yourself a ton of gadgets. Cellphones/smartphones, cameras, a torch, with their respective batteries, chargers and plug adapters,memory cards are the only important gadgets you need to pack.

If you need to travel a lot, make sure you get a compact, light weight and a sturdy backpack you can carry easily without discomfort! Keep everything safe with a padlock and have a safe trip!

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