What to Do and See in Praia



Cape Verde’s capital, Praia, is situated at the southern part of Santiago Island. It is a municipality where 90 percent of the country’s population lives. Praia was established in the 18th century and is amongst the oldest administrative sections of the country.

Also the largest city of Cape Verde, Praia is the island’s ferry and ship harbor. This is also where you can find one of Cape Verde’s four international airports. The center of the city is called Plateau because of its location on flat terrains. Praia is the business center and has become the port of various crops and products of the land including tropical fruits, sugar cane, and coffee. If you are planning to pay a visit in the city, the following are some places you might want to see.

Praia Market

This is the most suitable place to shop cheap items from local CDs to African garments. You can find almost everything you need in the market. After its recent renovation, the market is now more organized and looks better. If you love to go shopping, there is no doubt that this is your haven that you shouldn’t miss.

The Plateau

Considered as the small center of Praia, The Plateau is rather a portion of the town that appears like a capital city. It is situated in a unique location that provides a breath-taking view of the ocean and the city itself. You can find here a number of architectural designs, cinema complexes, shops and even a market. Visitors often find a good time shopping and sight-seeing in The Plateau as this also known as the most attractive and captivating part of the city. There are a lot of tourists that visit the place whole year round.


Praia is a local term for beach. This is because there are a number of beaches that you can find in the city. Organizing beach parties is among the favorite of tourists and even locals. You’d enjoy the local foods like barbecued fish and other sea foods fresh from the ocean. Beaches are just a short distance from the city center. You can easily reach Praia Quebra Canela and Praia de Prainha by foot even from the central business district. Tourists often enjoy snorkeling, swimming, and partying on the beaches.

Another amazing experience which tourists must try when paying visits to the city is walking along the beach from The Plateau to Prainha. There are a number of activities you can do on the beach. By merely watching the fishing boats and other people doing their own activities, you can already have a great experience. Those who love the sun will surely find the beaches in the city so amazing.





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