Other Ways You Can Use Your Library Card

You might be surprised to learn that as few as 3% of American citizens have a library card. Undoubtedly, the Internet has a lot to do with that. Instead of having to go to a physical building to do research, all you have to do is log into your computer at home. We will admit that we do not go to libraries much to be used to, and that is actually too bad as there are many things you can use your library card for. Here are just a few that you might not have considered:

Attend library events

Many libraries offer events for patrons who have library cards. These include movie nights, game nights, instructional classes, and more.

Get free movies

Yes, you can buy or stream movies quite easily these days, but did you know that your local library probably has a large selection of them that you can take out for free?

Meet authors

Many libraries will host talks given by authors discussing their work. Have a literary hero? You may have a chance to meet and converse with them.

Try out a 3D printer

Chances are you have probably heard about 3D printers, but have you ever actually used one? Many libraries have them available for use by patrons.

Discover new hobby

Some hobby groups have their meetings at libraries. Check the library schedule and you may learn about a past time that could become a regular part of your life.

Fun and learning opportunities for the children

Many libraries have special programs for kids. Here is a way to keep them occupied and learning new things during the summer and on weekends.

Get help with your homework

Many librarians are happy to assist students in finding materials that will help them do well with their homework. Just stop by and ask.

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