Watching Birds and Monkeys in Panama


The province of Chiriqui is located in western Panama, bordered in the north to the beautiful province of Bocas del Toro and south overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Chiriqui is an area of forest and crops whose capital, David, is the gateway to a world that is naturally attractive.

Until the arrival of Spanish conquistadors, lived here many tribes: Changuinas, Zurias, Anchovies, Burica, Doraces, Bugabas and Guanacaste, grouped under the generic name of “Guaymi”. This area was discovered in 1519 by Gaspar de Espinosa. Today, it is a thriving and producing province. It is also a focus of attraction for nature tourism.

The mountains of the province of Chiriqui are sought by lovers of birdwatching. From the La Amistad  National Park to the forests of Boquete and Volcan, there are plenty of places to visit and engage in activities. Jungle walks, jungle trekking, visits to coffee plantations, birdwatching, or sighting of monkeys.

The jungles share about 300 species of birds, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, toucans, foxes, deer, mountain lions, wild turkeys, and jaguars, as well as other reptiles and amphibians. It is one of the few accessible places where with a little luck, you can see the famous quetzal.

Along the border between Panama and Costa Rica, on the Bay of Chiriqui, is the Isla Palenque. At this side is the small island of Brava, which binds to the first by a walkway of sand at low tide. Palenque may have been occupied for 5,000 years BC and was the site chosen for the most sacred celebration of the peoples of the area. These islands, lined by a dense mangrove forest, allow a short walk from the beach, make contact with plant and animal species typical of the rainforest. Here, the tropical rainy season lasts from May to November, although the showers are usually strong, but short in the mid-morning and mid afternoon.

Chiriqui and its corners are becoming more known among lovers of nature and active tourism around the world who come looking for these experiences.

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