Walt Disney Museum

The Walt Disney Family Museum is located in California, in the beautiful San Francisco. The Walt Disney Museum is a mix of interactive content. There is a long history in the museum, including family photos, objects, relics and Disney movies.

The Disney family has done an outstanding job in creating this museum which tells the life of Walt Disney.

The galleries are dedicated to the beginning Walt Disney’s life in Missouri, the journeys, and the influences of Hollywood’s films and animation.

If you’re a certified Walt Disney fan, you will love the historic drawings, vintage films plastics that’ve reproduced the mythical Disneyland with many surprising details. It would surely be a real joy to know and discover the magical world of cartoons that have accompanied us throughout our life.

Tickets are priced at $12 for children up to 17 years of age, and $20 for the other kids at heart. At the end of the visit, we recommended you to stop at the museum shop, where you can find a variety of pendants, gifts, books and postcards and more Disney.

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