Visiting Saravejo, Bosnia




Sarajevo is the thriving capital of Bosnia. It is filled with stylish restaurant, high street art galleries and exciting nightlife. The modern skyscrapers of the city complement the mansions of Austro Hungarian architecture. The city is old with an Ottoman twist to it. After the war, the damages were repaired but it left signs that the place was once a battlefield. There are bullet holes and the famous Sarajevo roses. They are red cement that marks the spot where local died because of guns and mortar. You can start your tour at the street of Ferhadija. This begins at Eternal Flame where fire is kept burning to commemorate winning the World War II.

The street is dotted with shops, small cafes and galleries. There is a public square where you can find men gather around chess boards. As you begin exploring the old city, you can see famous landmarks like Serb Orthodox Church, Catholic Cathedral, synagogue and a Mosque. This goes to show the diversity of the city. This is the reason why Saravejo is referred to as the Jerusalem of Europe. The heart of Saravejo is called the Bascarsija. The streets are narrow and cobbled. You can find bars and restaurants. There are wooden shops where you can find anything that you can think of.

The mosques remind us that Turkish ruled here for four centuries. The city is where you can find ornate fountains. This is a place where you can relax while feeding the pigeons. The smell of local delicacies like cevapi, sauces and spices are drifting on the streets that would make you hungry. You can also walk through the banks of Miljack river where the old National Library stands. The shell is the only thing remains. The building is empty but sometimes concerts and exhibits are held in the place.



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