Visit the Other Best Destinations in China

China is a country known for its rich and ancient culture. It is also well-known for the Great Wall of China and the magnificent and legendary Forbidden City. But China, as a tourist destination, is more than just these two famous places. There are other important Chinese destinations that are worth visiting.

terracota army

The Terracotta Warriors

The Terracotta Army Museum in Xi’An, Shanxi province in China is another Chinese destination worth visiting. It is said that going to China without visiting the Terracotta Warriors is like visiting Egypt without seeing the Pyramids.

It was in 1974 when the Terracotta Army was discovered by a farmer that was then digging a well. The amazing discovery was analyzed and established to be buried in 210 BC and the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty was inside as well. The entire collection is comprised of a breathtaking site, with each life-size figure of the thousands of terracotta warriors, individually designed with unique hair, faces and armor designating each rank. In 1987, the site of the Terracotta Army was made Cultural Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

Hangzhou City – Paradise on Earth

If there is one place in China that can represent Paradise on Earth then that will be the city of Hangzhou in the Zhejiang Province of Eastern China. Hangzhou City is known as the Green City because it is richly enhanced with beautiful gardens, magnificent pavilions and tranquil temples.

The city is centered on the famous West Lake and it is surrounded hills full of the popular Longjing green tea. Though this wonderful paradise city is close to Shanghai, it offers a much more laid-back atmosphere. It is highly cultural though and the bustling and lively historic streets add to the city’s overall enchanting appeal.


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