Visit the Balkan’s Jerusalem

Ohrid (1)

Located on the shores of the lake Ohrid in the southwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia, Ohrid is the most famous city in the country. Ohrid rests upon the ancient city of Lychidos, which literally means “ The city of light “. It is amongst the very few cities in the world accepted by the World Heritage Sites as a Cultural and Natural site of UNESCO. With its 365 churches, some of which are older than the 11th century, the city has been known as the Balkan’s Jerusalem. The city is also known for its old architecture, traditional houses, ancient buildings and the Samuil’s Fortress which is now, one of the favorite site for tourists.

Lake Ohrid is believed to be Europe’s oldest lakes and it is amongst the oldest lakes in the world, it has many beaches along its shores, varying from sandy to rocky. Further from the city there are plenty natural beaches, each of them giving you a unique pleasure. Above the city is the mountain Galicica, which is one of the three national parks of Republic of Macedonia, it offers good hiking and walking tours,spectacular views and endemic flora and fauna. You can go on a tour with mountain guide, and visit the peak Magaro from where you can see Lake Prespa and Lake Ohrid, a magnificent scenery.

Not everything in Ohrid is ancient,the city offers a lot of hotels and restaurants, cafes and a lot of night clubs with live performance by local and foreign bands and performers from the country and from the world. During the summer there is a festival called “Ohrid Summer Festival “ with 50 years of tradition and many eminent guests, such as Jose Carerras etc. There are also traditional restaurants where Macedonian cuisine served, like the famous Ohrid trout.



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