Visit Plymouth Rock at Massachusetts –The Legendary Tourist Destination

Plymouth Rock located in Massachusetts, US state in New England, the northeastern region of U.S.A. It is also one of the most visited and most famous rock in America.  This famous rock is placed in the smallest park in the state of Massachusetts known as “Pilgrim-Memorial-State-Park”. Every year over million people from all parts of world visit this place to see this legendary Rock.


History of Plymouth Rock

As per the legend, the pilgrims landed on the rock which is famously known as Plymouth Rock. In the year 1620 they came to the place and settled permanently in the Plymouth region, Massachusetts. But, don’t expect a huge rock because you will get disappointed as the rock is very small in size but it is a significant representation in American-history.  The evidence of Pilgrims landed on the rock was founded after 121 years. It was customarily identified and memorialized on coast of Plymouth-Harbor in the region of Plymouth, Massachusetts.


Plymouth Rock – An American symbol

Plymouth is a symbol of courageous discovery, American icon, and also freedom of principle and liberty. It is a granite stone may be a kind of formation called as Dedham granite, it is formed before 1620 period, may be a millions of years ago.  There are many significant facts are told about the rock, actually according to geologists this kind of rock is found in African Continent but surprisingly Plymouth is found in totally different continent.

The portion of rock was destroyed by nature and humans did even worse by chipping the rock for patriotic-souvenirs. Currently, the rock is well protected. The government took stands to protect the legendary rock, now it is protected by a colossal enclosure, it was designed by Mead, Mckim & White and it was built-in-the-year 1921.

Visit this awesome place, you can enjoy and explore the city and other parts of the country and also learn more about American History at the same time.


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