Visit Manaus the Spectacular City in Brazil

Manaus is a wonderful City in Brazil, it is Amazon States capital also famously known as “Rubber metropolis”. Presently the city is famous for its free busy trade zone at Rio Negro.  The foundation of the city go-back to Fort Sao Jose at the beginning of the Rio Negro.  In 1755 Manaus became capital of Sao Jose do Rio Negro.  The residents were engaged in producing spices that are used to make “Drugs of the Sertao” with Cinnamon, Cloves, Cacao and Indigo.


Manaus the Rubber City

During the late 19th century and early 20th century, the price of the rubber increased tremendously and due to the high price Amazonian- rubber on the global-market brought immense prosperity and wealth to Manaus and in 1967 Manaus made a free-trade-zone.

Teatro Amazonas in Manaus

Teatro Amazonas is the most renowned building in Manaus. It was constructed in the period of 1896 and now it is protected as National Monument.  This ancient building is perfectly positioned in the heart of ancient forest. It consists of 700 seats and it is covered in red-velvet. The doors are made with Italian marble and the English Wrought-Iron was used for staircase. There were 198 chandeliers in the theatre including Thirty two of Murono-glass.  In the beginning of-the- century Manus was known as City-of-the forest and Heart-of-the-Amazon. Currently it is a big industrial area.


The best way to reach Manaus

The international Airport called Eduardo Gomes serves many flights to Manaus.  It is the 3rd biggest international airport in frequent fright movement. Get more information about the transportation details to Manaus from the official website.

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