Visit Malta!


The heart of Malta’s tourist economy is certainly its capital,Valletta. You can start your tour of this historic city, visiting the archaeological museum, where you can retrace the history of the famous Knights of Malta and admire the legacies of ancient civilizations.You can continue your journey of Malta’s capital city, entering nel Museo of fine arts, housed in an 18th century palace. Inside, you can admire many masterpieces that include beautiful paintings, fabulous sculptures and art pieces belonging to the Malta Knights of St. John. San Giovanni is linked to the main Cathedral of the city, which despite its simplicity, contains elaborate architectural decorations and sculptures.Another important tourist site is The Grand Master’s Palace, considered to be one of the most fascinating in the world. No accident has always approached rulers of Malta. In principle with the Knights of Malta, then with the British rulers to end our days with the high office of the Republic.

In Valletta, there is also an important Museum, The National War Museum. Inside are well preserved relics of war as history-rich documents and objects testifying to Maltese presence during the First and Second World War. Finally, the true symbol of the nation is the Fort Sant Elmo, which in fact was where the history of Malta began.



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