Visit Iceland: Take Revenge on Eyjafjallajokull

That confusingly alluring name for a volcano has caused a lot of trouble for travellers around Europe by shutting down the continent’s airspace for five days between the 15 – 20th of April 2010.

It not only caused the biggest air disruption in Europe since the Second World War, but it caused a lot of spell-checkers to implode with it’s excessive use of consonants.

Now the volcano has settled down, it would be a great opportunity to go on an Iceland holiday, especially as it was used as the setting for Jules Verne’s ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’.

Iceland is a country that’s straight from an adventure novel; huge waterfalls at Gullfoss, where millions of gallons of glacial water cascade into caverns below; Geyser’s shooting jets of hot water high into the air above; Icelanders even have a superstition about the ‘hidden people’ or huldufólk – akin to Elves who live in the lava field, some people claim to have seen them and it’s not unheard of for parents to tell their kids to stay away from the lava fields because of them.

In a place where you can bath in a geothermal ocean in the middle of a lava field, it’s somewhat surprising that it’s not possible to stay in an Ice hotel in Iceland, as the Swedish have already built one.

But instead of building a hotel out of Swedes (the vegetable) to get one over on Sweden, Iceland instead realised that when you’re that far North it only gets dark for an hour, so they packed in loads of stuff to do instead; including climbing up frozen waterfalls, exhilarating nightlife in Reykjavíc or just relaxing in a spa enjoying the mountain view.

Which means that if that volcano does happen to have a tantrum again, you’ll at least have plenty of things to do.

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