Unveil the Hidden Wonders of Bou Saᾀda-Algeria

Embark a significant experience in sparing precious moments with the captivating beauty of Bou Saᾀda. Located 245 km south of Algiers, Bou Saᾀda is a town in M’Sila Province, Algeria known as a place of happiness. The town is an important trading post to nomads which is known for its jewelry, carpet, metalwork and bousaadi knives in addition to the popular textile mill. The place attracts visitors whole year round with some important attractions even during winter season.

3.Al Qal’a of Beni Hammad

Bou Saᾀda Stunning Oasis

One of the hidden treasures of Bou Saᾀda that fascinates tourists is the true dessert oasis. The city lies northeast of Sharan region somewhere between Honda depression and salt lake and Atlas Mountains known to tourists as little desert haven. Bou Saᾀda is a perfect pilgrimage town where visitors found a comfortable couch after a tiresome tour in the dessert.

Amazing Bou SaᾀdaPark

Bou SaᾀdaPark, a 100-acre park where you can surprisingly witness a vineyard of grapes cultivated to produce and bottle wine. Top quality wines in the world are produced here to name: Merlot, Riesling, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Accessible railroads and main roads can now be found in the area making it most comfortable to travel without riding a camel.

Bou SaᾀdaTwo Main Areas

Visiting Bou Saᾀda can take you to two main areas: French Town and Medina. Within the city walls is Medina where you can see the marvelous old architecture of arched alleyways and age walls and the French town which is just on the south of it. Large date grove is also an admirable spot just outside these parameters and famous mosques which likewise are eye catching sight within the city.

..Unveil the great beauty and wonderful attractions in Bou Saᾀda where you can experience all of Algeria……



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