Universal Studios Singapore


Looking for a fun-filled family adventure? Then head to Universal Studios in Singapore! This amazing theme park is packed with 24 attractions, 18 of of which are new or adapted for Singapore. Universal Studios Singapore boasts a collection of many world firsts. Among them are the world’s biggest single collection of DreamWorks Animation attractions, the world’s first Far Far Away Castle from the world of Shrek, the world’s first Madagascar theme park ride, the world’s tallest dueling roller coaster Battlestar Galactica, and the world’s first Sci-Fi zone, and more.

For just one ticket charge, visitors will also get to enjoy non-stop live entertainment that takes them back to seven thematic world. The park has 30 theme restaurants and food carts. Ticket prices for passes to Universal Studios Singapore begins from Sin$32 for a senior-citizens’ day pass to Sin$118 for a two-day adult pass. Weekday rates will be Sin$66 for an adult and Sin$48 for children.


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