Undiscovered Musandam



Musandam is located in the northernmost part of Oman. Till a few years ago, it was hardly accessible to tourists. The Omanis on Musandam are still very traditional, in contrast to the other residents of Oman. Musandam is located on the Strait of Hormuz. The peninsula, with nearly 2000km² of area, divides the Gulf of Oman and the Persian-Arabian Gulf. The many bays, similar to the Norwegian fjords, earned Musandam the sobriquet “Norway of Arabia”.

The peninsula is dominated by the high mountains that slope steeply, partly directly into the sea. The highest peak is the Jebel Harim, with 2087 meters. There in the mountains, there are plateaus, from which you can enjoy brilliant views. On a clear day, you can look up to approximately 60 km away to the Iranian coast. Once a year, one of these plateaus is locked and guarded for several weeks.

Khasab is the capital of Musandam. The Khasab Castle Museum is a treat for lovers. Here lies the history of Oman, Musandam and Khasabs, which are illustrated wonderfully. The museum is richly equipped and is very well maintained. A highlight is the traditional dolls in national costume.

The harbor is well worth a visit. Much is produced there by smugglers of boats who are operating out of Iran. The Iranians exchange sheep and goats for cigarettes and electronic equipment. The Omani side of this trade is legal.

For sports enthusiasts, there are many dive trips. The intact underwater world around the Musandam Peninsula fascinates more and more divers. There are huge schools of fish, which sometimes take several minutes to pass the divers. Completely intact coral reefs, turtles, barracudas and seahorses can be observed in the various dive sites. For night dives, you can get lobsters, lionfishes, nudibranchs and many more. The water temperature is always about 23 ° C. The currents are well known and the dive guides are usually avoided.



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