Tunis the pearl

From north to south and from east to west, plenty of colors, fragrances, winks and iridescent tones that delight many visitors looking for relaxation and exciting adventures — that’s Tunisia.

While the country witnessed many civilizations who tried to steal its pearl, it is now home to hospitable people speaking both Arabic and French, cradled by the shores of the Mediterranean.

One of the smallest countries of the Maghreb (the region of Northwest Africa), Tunisia covers 163 610 km ². Caught between Algeria to the west and Libya to the southeast, it has always been the main gateway to many conquering peoples. This African state, with a population of about 10 million, offers a good variety of landscapes, long sandy coasts, mountains, valleys, plains, desert areas.

When you leave the Mediterranean coast to enter the belly of Tunisia, you will be transported to a mountainous terrain. From green mountains in the north to the arid southern slopes, steppes and mystical oasis in the heart of the generous desert areas with undulating surfaces, all inspire meditation and detachment.

Many archaeological sites that preserve Tunisian soil is a must visit, because they stand as historic bridges, between the religious and cultural past and present, who have created a country of contrasts legendary.

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