Tremblant: A First Time Visitor’s Resort Guide

Tremblant Ski Resort, in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, sits in a valley of lush greenery in summer and a blanket of snow in winter. The beautiful lake fronting the resort is a source of boating and fishing activity in summer. It is about 130 kilometres northwest of Montreal, and it has been in operation for over seven decades.

quebec tremblant skiingThe pedestrian village is charming, almost post-card perfect and has plenty of shopping and dining opportunities. All skiing and snowboarding equipment can be found at shops in the village, and the resort has equipment repair, so gear damage will not ruin a trip.

So Much to Do, So Little Time

In winter, the point of a visit would seem to be skiing and snowboarding, and it is, but there are many other activities to capture non-skiers’ attention. Try ice-climbing or dogsledding, and dogsledders can drive the team or just ride. Horseback riding is not just for summer, it turns out, and there are two trips to choose from: a 1.5-hour ride or a back-country ride that is good for young children.

That’s not all; go for a sleigh ride or have a spa day. Snowmobiling and outdoor paintball await the more adventurous. Ride up to the top of the mountain and grab a snack in Le Grand Manitou, skiing or not. The scenic ride is an activity in itself on the tallest of these mountains. Snow-tubing, cross-country skiing, zip-lining, ice skating, ice fishing and snow-shoeing are other alternatives. Helicopter rides are available for a real panoramic view, and dune buggy tours are yet one more daring pursuit.

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At Your Service

How tedious is it to get up to the top? It is not tedious at all with 14 lifts, two of which are gondolas. The cabriolet is an open gondola so visitors can enjoy a brisk winter ride before warming up in the mountain-top chalet. The other lifts consist of triple chairs, quad chairs, high-speed quad chairs and magic carpets, ground-level conveyor belts.

Five Reasons to Ski at Tremblant

1. Choice. There are 95 trails and four mountain faces to ski down: the north side, south side, sunny side and the edge. That last one is difficult; imagine cutting through the trees, which might be thrilling for some extreme sports lovers. Skiing down the north side in the early morning is considered a good “challenge.” In fact, 50% of the trails are expert level, and another 33% are intermediate, leaving the rest of the trail space for beginners.

2. Snow parks galore. There are three snow parks with more than 50 rail and jump modules that range from beginner to expert levels. Skiers and boarders need an Adrenaline Park Pass from Guest Services for these parks, and helmets are mandatory in all of them.

3. Something for everyone. In the nearly 79 kilometres of trails, the maximum slope degree is 42, and the vertical drop elevation is 645 metres with a mountain elevation of 875 metres. Overall, there is something for everyone. Ski school and kids’ programs are also offered, and there are rentals for those who want to try their wings before buying.

4. Tremblant has a snow patrol. If you are concerned about the safety of your group, particularly of your family members who may wish to ski more challenging slopes, you can be reassured that there is a snow patrol.

5. There is a medical clinic. And if things do go wrong, which they hopefully won’t, the resort has its very own clinic to look after any cuts, bruises or breaks.

Reserve, pack and go – it’s fun!

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