Traveling to Mozambique



“White sand beaches, dunes, crystal clear sea where colorful fish swim in the reef”.

No, we’re not talking about an island in the Caribbean, but about one of the most beautiful regions of Africa, Mozambique. Particularly in recent years there has been a lot of development in the field of eco-tourism and beautiful luxury resorts camouflaged in the forest.

The country, located in the southeastern part of Africa, consists of more than three thousand kilometers of coastline, plus many islands that are reflected in the turquoise waters of the Mozambique Channel. The best islands, from the point of view of a tourist in particular are: Benguerra, Bazaruto and Quirimbas where the best hotels and resorts are surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

The Ila de Mocambique in the north, has been for more than four centuries, the state capital and what’s more, its’ wonderful archaeological sites have been declared as a World Heritage by UNESCO. The modern capital, Maputo, is full of colonial buildings and wide avenues, while other major cities of the country are Beira, the seat of commerce and Pemba which are lively and cheerful.



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