Transylvania: Following the footsteps of Dracula


Vampires, demons and monsters have all lived and spread fear in films and fiction. But how about spending your vacation in a place where Count Dracula lived? Between castles and cemeteries, you can spend a very special holiday in Transylvania, in the hilly region of central Romania. This is the land where the Count Vlad, the lord of darkness, better known as Count Dracula, lived (and then immortalized by Bram Stoker.)

Visiting this country is simple and economic, thanks to low cost flights to Bucharest. Here you can rent a car and organize a trip.  You can also avail of guided tours, such as those offered by Pure Adventures. Starting from Bucharest you can proceed to Sinaia and then to the summer residence of the royal family, the Peles Castle. After four hours of train, you can reach Sighisoara, a medieval village which is the birthplace of Vlad Tepes. Sighisoara has also been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.Fortifications and medieval characteristics are also found in Sibiu. Sibiu is the capital of culture. Another place to visit is Hunedoara, where the biggest castle in Gothic style in Romania—the Castle of Matei Sunny Loung— is located. This castle has a well of 30 meters deep that was built by three Turkish prisoners. According to the legend, these prisoners were promised to be freed the day they found water. After 15 years of digging, they found water, but the promise was never kept. An inscription on the well’s wall bears their agony: “You have water, but you don’t have a heart”.

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