Top 5 Romantic things to do in Venice

If you are looking at places to go for a romantic vacation, you will soon realize that the city of Venice is pretty much on everyone’s mind. Be it your trusted travel expert or a casual traveler, Venice will always top their listing as the best place to go  for a romantic getaway. Its intricate canals and the floating gondolas make Venice an eternal favorite among one and all.

Here are some of the things that you should not miss out when you are in this picture-perfect place:

  • A gondola ride through the canals as you go past the renaissance buildings and the lovely markets of Venice is definitely the most renowned image of Venice and arguably one of the most romantic ways to spend your time in the city. A slow trip through the maze of waterways and bridges will leave you with a lifetime of memories
  • Watching the Grand Canal light up with a million shades as the sun starts setting is arguably one of the most romantic moments you will ever encounter not just on your vacation to Venice, but in an entire lifetime. Watch the dusk take over from the Rialto Bridge and meander past the wooden Accademia Bridge as you enjoy late evening. Make sure you get one of the hotels nearby on sites like or hotels with waterfront locations just to ensure you do not miss the Grand Canal sunset.
  • A boat ride to the islands nearby is equally appealing and a journey across the Venetian lagoon to the relatively secluded and stunning islands will give you plenty of amazing sights and sounds to take in.
  • Enjoy the Sunset on St Mark’s Square as you take in the many shades of the city and marvel at the backdrop of the Basilica San Marco. A lovely way to spend a great evening enjoying!

The Dorsoduro district next to the Grand Canal is the more rustic part of Venice where life slows down even further (if that is possible) and the streets become narrower and the village atmosphere takes over. Spend some time here leisurely as you shop through many of its gift stores

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