Top 5 Money saving tips to book a cheap holiday

The holiday season is not too far off and if you are seriously thinking about having a great trip that will be both memorable and affordable, this is the time to book your travel. Here are a few money-saving tips, which will help you plan your dream holiday on a budget.

Take advantage of the off season:
You don’t need to travel during the peak holiday seasons. Different parts of the globe have different time periods and seasons where tourist traffic is at its peak. Not only are flight charges higher during this time, but so are hotel rates and prices of other amenities. That is precisely why it is best to enjoy the off-season when there is no rush.

Do not book tickets too early or too late:
One of the biggest mistakes that people make is booking airline tickets way too early. You will not get any great discounts by booking tickets well in advance. Best time to book is approximately 3 months in advance.

Pick hotels smartly:
If you are planning a very small vacation and you would be out for most of the time, then there is no point in opting for a lavish room with expansive hotel TV systems, stylish and luxurious interiors and world-class facilities. Pick something that is both economical and provides the minimum facilities needed.

Look for attractive travel packages:
Instead of picking and booking each of them separately, opt for a travel package from one of the leading travel sites of agencies, which adhere to both quality and relative flexibility. Do double check though on the authenticity of the deals and reliability of the sites before shelling out hard earned cash.

Alternate travel and cheap flight dates:
For domestic travel and holidays, there are far better ways to go around than just flights and often trains and buses can be a lot more fun as you can enjoy the journey as well. Apart from that, surveys show that Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are the cheapest days to book flights; something everyone can take advantage of…

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