Timbuktu in Republic of Mali

Timbuktu is one of the oldest cities in the civilization of Africa. It is a place far from the main cities in Africa that many fail to mention. Very few know about Timbuktu, Mali from around the world. Timbuktu is very famous among the Mali citizens. It is well known as the intellectual and spiritual center of Africa.


Education and religious centers

There are so many universities that are found within Timbuktu which include Sankore University. There are also mosques like the Sidi Yahya, Sankore and Djingareyber. These religious centers and universities are symbols of the old age of the town and the civilization that took place several years ago. Even though the mosques and the universities might not be in their best state, they are still great sites to see.

Hiking facilities in Timbuktu

Apart from the ancient mosques and universities, Timbuktu also has great hiking places like the Dogon Cliffs. It is highly advisable to be in the best physical condition when one would want to go for hiking as it is very exhausting when the sun is hot.


The Red Dine of Gao

After visiting the religious and education centers the next breath taking sites should be the Red dines of Gao. This area is an oasis in the middle of the desert. After a few days of seeing the sand one will be quite pleased to see the city of Gao and the greenery.  This sand dune is located near Niger River. There is a lot of fan when traveling with the boat across the river.

A trip to Timbuktu can never be complete without having a camel ride. The camels are fan to be on but one should ensure the sun is not hot as it can be quite uncomfortable.

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