The World’s Five Best Rivers for a Fishing Trip

Fishing enthusiasts say that nothing beats good day fishing after a bad day of work. These guys make fishing their second career or perhaps, their second religion. Nevertheless, regardless of the fishing skill, if you are into your fishing, you owe yourself a fishing holiday to relax, unwind, and just enjoy the wonders of nature.

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Here are 5 of the world’s best rivers for a fishing trip. Just make sure you take all the fishing equipment you’ll need – some of these places are rather remote!

1. Tierra del Fuego River, Argentina

An archipelago located at the southernmost part of the South America, Tierra del Fuego River is famous in the angling mythology. It is abundant in monster brown trout. With its recorded catches that weigh at least 10 pounds, sub polar climates, and tundra landscapes, this river is definitely on top of the list for many fishing lovers.

2. Labrador River, Canada

One of best rivers for fishing in eastern Canada, Labrador is a home to the native Brook trout and Atlantic salmon. Catching a fish of three to eight pounds of weight is pretty common on this river. It is composed of three primary rivers namely the Beer river, Sandyhill river, and the Reads river. Labrador is legendary for its sight casting and water clarity. It is a quiet and serene place, making it one of the more popular destinations for serious fishermen in the world.

3. Kamchatka River, Russia

The last frontier for fishing untouched rainbow trout, the Kamchatka River is one of the best rivers to catch big fish. Typically, rainbow trouts go out to the sea when they reach two or three years old and stay at sea for up to five years. Then, they return to the river and will stay there all their life. Recorded catches of these big fish are believed to be 7 – 9 years old.

4. Sao Benidito River, Brazil

Located in the deep parts of the upper Amazon system, the Sao Benidito river’s main draw are the peacock bass. It is also a home to the flying Matrichana and Pacu, which can be found on the river’s rapids. Moreover, fishing enthusiasts will not only enjoy fishing in the area but also the surrounding magnificent rainforest.

5. Teifi River, Wales

The Teifi River boasts numerous species of fish including sea trout and sewin. The only trouble that fishing enthusiasts have is catching them at night time, making casting a bit tricky but at the same time, adds excitement to the alchemy.


Whether you are on a budget or not, nearby or across the world, there is a great river for fishing that awaits you. After long days of hard work, a fishing vacation is just right to give yourself a break. Fishing is a fulfilling experience and tasting your unusual catch is the best of the adventure.

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