The Ultimate Hire Car for Family Summer Holidays

As families up and down the country start to prepare themselves for an idyllic summer holiday retreat to one of a thousand popular sunny spots, there’s always the attendant stress of choosing, sorting and organising that can often be a little overwhelming.

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While there’s no way to tell exactly what you’ll be getting from your holiday destination (unless you’ve been before, that is) there’s one element of preparation that you can guarantee will be fit for purpose: the hire car. With a little forethought, you can find a vehicle that covers all of the bases and provides you with a comfortable, stress-free ride to your holiday retreat and back home again.

Take a look at the following factors and put them together to find your perfect hire car for this summer’s getaway.


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If you’re loading up on luggage, beach toys, folding chairs, picnic hampers, cool boxes, and all manner of holiday paraphernalia then it goes without saying that you’re going to need an accommodating boot. Also, with the kids in the back, a spacious interior will make for a much more relaxed journey, especially if you have far to go.

With this in mind, it might be worth considering something from the superb range of minivans available from most car rental firms. If that’s a little excessive space-wise, then roomy sedans are a safe bet.


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Again, there’s no point making a saving on a hire car if you have a torturous journey to negotiate in an uncomfortable hunk of metal. It sets the holiday off to a bad start and makes the return journey a trial.

Therefore, be sure to take the time to investigate the interior of your intended hire car in order to check that it’s up to scratch comfort-wise. The kids will thank you for it later, or at the very least they won’t start kicking the back of your seat!


car hire reliability

Imagine the nightmare scenario: you’re only a few miles from your destination, everyone’s excited and ready to launch into their holiday and then suddenly… the car breaks down.

Obviously, your holiday time is precious and you don’t want to be spending it awaiting recovery by the side of the road. Therefore, it’s best to pick a make and model that’s well-known for reliability. Honda, Toyota, Kia, Peugeot, Nissan and many more manufacturers pride themselves on maintaining their reputation for reliability.



It’s equally important to ensure that your holiday hire car has an impeccable safety record. Since you’re likely to be driving on unfamiliar roads with different driving conditions, car safety becomes an even more critical issue. Take the time to explore the safety features of the car you want to hire, as the peace of mind you’ll get will make the holiday go much more smoothly.


fuel economy

While it’s easy enough to get a great deal on your car hire choice, the rising price of fuel means that petrol/diesel costs can mount up over the course of the holiday and come as a nasty shock at the end. By picking a fuel-efficient vehicle, you get the satisfaction of making an overall saving as well as doing your bit for the environment.

Top Tech

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As an added bonus, many car manufacturers have recently taken to installing technological upgrades to their vehicles that are designed to make journeys a little bit more enjoyable. From DVD screens mounted in the back of headrests to iPad mounts, there’s a plethora of innovative family-friendly features available with many of the leading car hire options on offer today.

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