The Trevi Fountain is in Danger


Unfortunately, some Italian heritage have poor conditions. These are the Pompeii, the Domus Aurea, the Colosseum, and now the legendary Trevi Fountain.

It was in the news that indicate several fragments of the cornice left side, about eight inches long, fell without causing any injuries.

That is why the state of alert on the status of the Fontana continues despite that, immediately, the technical council of the city worked to repair and could return to work as quickly as possible.

But without doubt, this fact, the above named and many others with similar concerns, open the debate on the poor condition of Italian heritage.

So, faced with the barrage of criticism, the mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, was quick to launch the idea of looking for a sponsor to restore the Trevi Fountain, as it has done through the Colosseum. Italians are hopeful to get lucky and pray for its conservation, as the Trevi Fountain is loved by the people on all four corners of the globe.

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