The Sumahan Hotel

There is no better way to enjoy Istanbul. At least, according to those who stayed at the Sumahan Hotel. The Sumahan Hotel is a spectacular building overlooking the waters of the Bosphorus Channel, which officially separates Europe from Asia.

The Sumahan is on the edge of Çengelköy district, an area of the city that still retains the authentic atmosphere of the Bosphorus. It has wooden houses, fish restaurants and seaside promenades. The architects Nedret and Mark Butler, have transformed an old outcast and alcohol factory in one of the few hotels perched on the banks of the Canal. This was an important factor which led the Guardian to enter the Sumahan in the top five hotels with their feet in the water.

For your stay, you can choose from deluxe, junior suites, loft suites, executive suites and family loft suites. Taking a random date in the spring, the prices range from 380 to 615 euros per night.

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