The Sky Tree in Tokyo

Sky Tree, the tallest tower in Tokyo, was completed.  Journalists have already climbed the 634 metered tower, and beginning next week, from May 22, the tower will be open to the public.

Even if the tower was built to improve the signal quality of the major television stations in the country, the structure is not without its appeal to the public. This is the Tembo gallery, a rooftop terrace at 450 meters. The Tembo Deck, another vantage point at 350 meters in all glass, allows a 360 ° view of the city, also has a restaurant, a cafe and a shop. It also has two floors that is dedicated to shopping.

To get there, you need to take public transportation for 2,000 yen to get to the 350 meters of the Tembo Deck; another 1,000 yen to get to 450 meters to get to the Tembo tunnel for a better visibility.

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