The Pyramids of Meroe, Sudan

They have the size and the number of tourists to the most famous pyramids in Egypt. But the archaeological complex of pyramids of Meroe, in the Nubian Desert (northern Sudan) are impressive from afar, solitary, and enclosed by huge sand dunes, form an intriguing environment yet otherwise beautiful.

It is located 200 kilometers from the capital of Sudan, and the complex preserves the remains of the capital of an ancient kingdom, one of the earliest civilizations in the valley of the Nile that the Nubians also called Kush. Meroe, also refers to United Meroitic, a civilization that had its heyday between 400 a.C. and 300 d.C.

The pyramids of Meroe are located on the banks of a wide bend of the Nile, and its ruins are revealed palaces, court buildings, temples and the remains of the city itself, with walls, smaller temples, shrines and a necropolis with thousands of tombs. Although the largest pyramid is less than 30 meters high, more than 100 of angles prominent, and still, impressive.

Sudan reportedly lives in the shadow of Egyptian archaeology, although it remains a paradise for archaeologists, a less explored territory and many of its secrets yet to be revealed. So much so that with small teams of archaeologists, in each scan are discovered vast palaces, and temples in places which were not even expected to find anything.

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