The Places to Head When You’re in Chisinau



Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, luckily survived the World War II. It was transformed into a modern city with a lot of attractions that travelers can explore. If you are planning to visit the place, you will not be bored. There are museums and wine tours that you can put on your itinerary. Certainly you will be amazed by this former soviet city.


Witness the magnificence of Saharna. This is a small village and it is where you can find the Holy Trinity Monastery. Aside from the landscape, everything is breathtaking. After visiting the place you will want to go back again.


Tipova is another famous attraction in the north area of the city. It is popular for the cave monasteries and it is considered the largest in the whole country. Visitors are attracted to the natural beauty of the place since it is surrounded with hills and forest. The peaceful Tipova is open to the public all day long.

The oldest museum in the country is the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History which is found in Chisinau. This is a center of culture and science today. The place contains large collection of animals, rocks and old artifacts.

Holly Gates

Holly Gates is another important historical and architectural structure in the city because it dates back as early as 1846. At first, it was intended to hold a big bell made from old Turk cannons, afterwards the clock was added. There are marble tablets that commemorate the armed force.

Serpeni Foothold

Serpeni Foothold is a memorial complex built to remember the independence of Moldova. Most of the rebellion happened in the village. To date, this place gives pride to the citizens of the country. It was built to remember the 12,000 soldiers who died just to defend the whole country.

National Ballet and the National Opera

For those who love culture and arts, you will surely love the National Ballet and the National Opera that is found on the center of the town. The theater is very impressive and it was built during the Soviet Era. At first it was not at all furnished by equipment but there are a lot of donors that made it complete.

Nistru beach

Nistru beach is a wonderful beach located in the banks of the river. It is situated in the bordering area of Moldova and Transnistria. You can also get a glimpse of history when you visit the beach. The place is offering a relaxed atmosphere.





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