The Pillars of Lena in Siberia

On the river bank, and over tens of kilometers, huge rocky outcrops with strange shapes, towers, pillars, and caves accompanied by beautiful landscapes that are hard to find. Imagine traveling on board of the river accompanied by thousands of natural and colossal statues.

It is a karst landscape, eroded for thousands of years, and a wealth of geologic evidence that once kept life forms but have now disappeared. In place of the stone forest of Lena, fossils of mammoths, and other missing links since Cambrian times can be found. But also enduring countless life forms catalogued 464 species of plants and abundant wildlife. The peculiarity is that one of the most beautiful landscapes of Russia is also the most inaccessible to tourists.

The stone forest of Lena (or the pillars of Lena) is located within the region of Khangalassky ulus in central eastern Siberia along the river of which they are named. To arrive, you have to move to unpopulated areas still in Siberia, adding a four-day journey from Moscow. After a plane ride to the city of Yakutsk , continue on board for about 3 days of hiking to reach the fantastic forest of pillars of Lena , an area inaccessible by road.

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