The Nightlife in Stockholm



Stockholm has a lively nightlife, especially in the central area of Gamla Stan. Stockholm at night is dynamic and fun. In Stockholm, you have Nordic cozy pubs, large casinos, nightclubs and many other places indicating a lively nightlife.

An example is Akkurat, a disco bar that also hosts live concerts. In this bar you can choose from over 400 different types of whiskey and a wide selection of beers. Sunday is the busiest night in this place, with free entrance and live rock music and R’n’B.

Another place to hang out is the Berns Salonger, which is one of the oldest clubs in Stockholm, founded in 1863 and has become a reference point for the Swedish capital. Inside this complex you will find a luxury hotel, a restaurant serving Asian food, bars and nightclubs that host live concerts. The club has a large dance floor where you can listen and dance to the current top songs of the global charts but there is also the Berns Bar for relaxing moments.




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