The Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong


The Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong is a clear example that this city so unique. There are also places to relax, disconnect and to escape the daily grind of a chaotic city. Thie Nan Lian Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens of the former British colony. Its charm is located in a fairly quiet area.

The Nan Lian Garden is in the area of Kowloon. You can take the subway to the Diamond Hill. Once there, seek the C2 exit, and within minutes, you will have arrived. Although relatively modern, the Nan Lian Garden is built according to the precepts of ancient garden of Tang Dynasty.

The garden emphasizes that harmony is very important. The resort is not too large, as the garden occupies an area of 3.5 hectares. When you walk among its streets, you should pause a moment and listen to the sound of the water or appreciate the aromas of fresh flowers.

Visually, what is most striking in this garden city are its beautiful bridges and their two-story golden pagoda which is shiny because it is only a few years old. As an environment with as much harmony, the Nan Lian Garden also serves as a showroom especially in ancient arts.

In addition, you can relax and recuperate in a tea house or in the vegetarian restaurant that is in the grounds of the garden. As you can see, the Nan Lian Garden in Hong Kong is designed to make you forget the city and just think to forget the fast pace of life.

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