The Melody Nelson

Behind the bar stands a huge poster of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg with the protagonist, the Histoire de Melody Nelson, a concept album, that was transposed to the screen with a series of video clips to create a masterpiece that is loved his fans. This album is dedicated to the Melody Nelson, a bar in Berlin Novalis Stra├če 2.


The Melody Nelson bar is full of references from the old days, when the Wall divided the city. It was said that the room was attended by agents of the Stasi. The change has certainly been dramatic, from the poor and meager furnishings of East Germany, to the glamorous environment of today.

If you happen to pay a stop at the Melody Nelson, we recommend that you get a Black Mojito. The bar opens at 8 p.m., and closes at 2 in the morning. It closes every 4 a.m. every Friday to Sunday (Monday closed). Beers range from 3 euros, while long drinks range from 6.50 euros.

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