The Marina Bays Sands Hotel in Singapore


The Marina Bays┬áSands Hotel in Singapore is considered as the world’s most spectacular pool. This is the pool of infinite horizon that is the world’s largest. It is located on the ground 57 of the luxurious Marina Bay Sands in Singapore .

The hotel is one of the most exclusive in the world and has become an icon not only of the Navy, but the entire city. Surprisingly both inside and out, as it consists of three towers that is 200 meters above sea and joined by a top shelf in ship shape. This platform was christened with the name “Skypark”. The Skypark is longer than the Eiffel Tower.

Without doubt, this is a site record. The pool has a total of 150m, separated into three fractions of 50m (i.e., the equivalent of three Olympic swimming pools). On one side, there is also a gazebo and a cocktail bar (Ku-De-Ta) of restricted access. On the back, there are a couple of hot tubs with views. The Skypark is a great place to watch the light show on the Marina.

But the Marina Bay Sands is not only the hotel and pool. It also houses an impressive shopping center, a casino, a theater, a convention center, a glass pavilion and even a museum of arts. The hotel also has elegant shops, a “food court” of the most exquisite and even a channel with Chinese traditional wooden boats that sail.


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