The Lost World of Yangshuo

If you look at the landscape reflected in the notes of 20 yuan, one might think that this is an imagined place or an idyllic version of a fantasy landscape. This is again an amazing place on our planet. The area of Yangshuo reflects one of the areas still “not so invaded” by modernizing China, in the province of Guangxi, isolated precisely because of its topography and the established customs of the population. We might think that to be a “lost world”, a place known for thousands of years to find a balance between human activity and nature, and now somehow resists that.

In the surroundings of Yangzhou, the flooded rice fields that emerge reflect the elevations capriciously with sinuous forms. It is a karst landscape combined with a very particular culture; it becomes hard to resist an attraction for tourism. Yangshuo is the city where the river Yulong and Lijiang waterways belonging to many of the following images:

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