The Lost World of the Faroe IslandsThe Lost World of the Faroe Islands


Cities and towns in the Faroe Islands seem like what we’ve heard on tales. The houses have pitched roofs covered with grass to keep out the weather, wind and moisture. Thus, the roofs vary in hue depending on time of year, from brown in autumn, white in winter, and bright green in spring and summer. In addition, the landscape of rugged coastlines and cliffs eroded along with a temperate climate, making it comparable to a lost world :

The Faroe Islands are located in the North Atlantic between Scotland and Iceland, and constitute an autonomous region within the Kingdom of Denmark . The archipelago, with numerous islands, is a rocky land with steep slopes, which is usually wrapped in thick fog.

Sadly, the Faroe Islands at times tend to be more on the news on the tradition of slaughtering whales and pilot whales, than the unquestionable attraction of the landscapes and places.

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