The Kelimutu Vocano

The Kelimutu volcano is located on the island of Flores in Indonesia. On this island, there are 16 beautiful lakes. However, there are three lakes that stand out among others . These three lakes are the main attractions of the island. In fact, the excursion to see the lakes at sunrise is a must-see experience.

The lakes have dramatically different colors. One of the lakes is turquoise, the other is brown and the third is dark blue. The lakes’ colors have changed throughout the year. In fact, the tracks of the phenomenon can be found at vents and vapors that seep through the cracks of the volcano.

For explanations, nothing’s better than knowing the legends and beliefs from the original settlers of the area. Not surprisingly, a site with such characteristics has called wide attention for thousands of years, making it a holy place revered by local people. The area, of course, is of great volcanic activity.

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