The Jungle Boardwalk



There are some things that you expect from an airport. You do not expect that Singapore reigns absolute silence, despite the many travelers in transit on the carpet that covers all the corridors and giving it a soft and muffle at the airport. Also, you would not expect to find the airport train in Kuala Lumpur to get to a path called, the Jungle Boardwalk.

Through the windows of the plane approaching the runway, you can see the endless expanses of palm trees and whole forests that surround the structures of Kuala Lumpur. The Jungle Boardwalk is located in Terminal 3, and allows passengers to pass the time exploring the natural environment. The Kuala Lumpur airport has also been dubbed as the jungle airport. The lush jungle interior is enlivened by a true artificial waterfall that is the soundtrack to a little walk in the green airport.

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