The island of Bozcaada

Are you flipping through travel magazines in search of an original and not too beat spot for your next vacation? So, here’s a small island in the Aegean Sea, where mass tourism is not home.

Take a good ferry called a traghettino to Geyikil, which is a small port just south of the entrance to Dardanelles, and disembark in the port of Bozcaada. Bozcaada is a small and mysterious island in the north of the Aegean.

The island boasts of a beautiful castle that is quite impressive for the extension of dry land. There are many wineries where you can taste and buy local wine. There are no shortages of religious buildings, such as the Monastery of Ayazma, and Göztepe which is 192 meters in height. It is the highest point in the island.

Finally, the unavoidable tour of several beaches that dot the coast of the island. Surely a trip worth investing.

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