The Hoh Rainforest


In the U.S., in the western part of Olympic National Park (Washington State), there is a temperate forest not far behind in terms of abundance of rainfall and green explosion. It is estimated each year that there are about 4,000 mm rainfall in a leafy area that is the most humid continental United States. Unlike other temperate forests, this area dominated by conifers, which adds moisture to put the “magic” ingredient to convert the forest into a unique visual spectacle.

The Hoh rainforest formed thousands of years ago by glaciers where the density of vegetation is present, especially the proliferation of plants attached to large trees, mosses, lichens and fungi that grow on anything, making the forest a scenario that is beautiful.

In the Hoh rainforest grow large trees, including specimens of Tsuga heterophylla, that is often reaching 90 meters high, plus all kinds of fir and green species that are eaten by deer, elk and other animals.

In the Hoh forest, you can walk along paths that extend across the rest of the Olympic National Park.

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