The Hidden Harbor Tour in New York

The stated purpose of the Hidden Harbor Tour is to raise awareness of the ports of New York. But, as you navigate around Manhattan, passing by the Statue of Liberty, or under the Brooklyn Bridge, it may be taken into consideration by those who want see Manhattan from a different point of view.

The Newark Bay Tour passes around Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty, until you get to Port Elizabeth, the largest container port in the world. The Brooklyn Tour, passing under a bridge in Brooklyn and Manhattan, are also for planned tours to coincide with special events, such as for the 4th of July.

For now, there has been 12 published tour dates, which will take place between May and June. Tourists will aboard a yacht, equipped with every comfort. The tour starts at the pier number 16 South Street Seaport, in the afternoon around 17:30, and tickets cost $29 for adults, $22 for seniors, $15 for children.

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