The Hidden Delights of Bhutan

This might be a small country in Southest Asia, but Bhutan is known as one of the most attractive destinations in the continent. This humble mountain country has spectacular scenery and one of the richest and most interesting cultures in the region.

The culture and traditions of this small ancient region is influenced and by the Himalayas. Bhutan Tourism Corporation is the local tourism organization that is responsible for monitoring, controlling and giving tourists everything they need to make their visit to Bhutan a unique experience.

Access to this small country is strictly regulated. This is done in order to keep the local culture as pure as possible. Bhutan’s culture is one of the most fascinating in the Asian continent. This is also the “Land of the monasteries”, and you can spot many monasteries in the country from where men and women living in the region learn the most important things about their culture since childhood.

Besides the incredible culture, other values are important to the people of Bhutan. Its ecosystem is governed and is one of the most intact and pure in world.

Most famous among all monasteries is the Taktsang Monastery, which is considered an icon of the local culture. Visiting Bhutan can be quite an adventure for tourists. If you intend to visit Bhutan, the first thing to do is to apply for a special permit to the Ministry of Tourism in Bhutan—specifying the reasons for the trip and making detailed itinerary.

Apart from getting this special permit, tourists must pay a fee of more than 200 euros per day. This fee include all possible expenses that tourists can have in the country, such as food, shelter and transportation. The visit should not be for more than 5 days; this is done to avoid disturbing the precious balance of its population.

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